Article Submission


The Christian Research Journal is the publication of the Christian Research Institute (CRI), which is published six times per year. The Journal specializes in in-depth research of cults and new religions, the occult (including the New Age movement), aberrant Christian movements and teachings, and general apologetics. Our goal is to equip Christians with the information they need to discern doctrinal errors, evangelize people of other faiths, and provide a strong defense of Christian beliefs and ethics. Because of the specific nature of our focus, we are not interested in the following kinds of articles: Christian living, fiction, poems, parenting, general testimonies, marriage, general discipleship articles, general advice columns, articles dealing with passages of Scripture unrelated to our focus areas, and so forth. Any unsolicited manuscripts that are sent to us for consideration are evaluated on a quarterly basis.

Our mailing address is: Christian Research Journal, PO BOX 8500, Charlotte, NC 28271. If possible, please email your manuscripts to: We do answer your query either way, but please allow four months for a reply.

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