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One Nation Under Gods:A History of the Mormon Church
Name: One Nation Under Gods:A History of the Mormon Church
Product Code: B725
Product Detail:656 pages

Author: Richard Abanes
Publisher: Four Walls Eight Windows
Paperback Book
Audience: General

Topic: Mormonism

Who are the Mormons and what do they believe? How did Mormonism begin? Is Mormonism just another Christian denomination seeking the world's betterment, as it claims, or is it an entirely different kind of theological institution? Was Joseph Smith a prophet?

"One Nation Under Gods: A History of the Mormon Church" answers these and other questions associated with the origin, rise, and progress of Mormonism in America from its earliest beginnings as a nineteenth century 'cult' to its current image as a conservative Christian denomination. "One Nation Under Gods" also documents several of the more fascinating, and rarely discussed, events that shaped Mormonism. "One Nation Under Gods" will appeal to anyone interested in Mormon history, cults, the religious evolution of the United States, and humanity's perennial desire to find spiritual fulfilment -- a desire too often pursued at any cost.

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