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Surmounting Barriers in Christian-Muslim Dialogue
Name: Surmounting Barriers in Christian-Muslim Dialogue
Product Code: J124
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Topics covered in this issue of the CRJ include:

  • "Be All Things to All People": Surmounting Cultural Barriers in Presenting the Gospel to Muslims
  • Is Dispensationalism Indispensable?
  • Did the Prophet Daniel Prophesy a Seven-Year Great Tribulation Period?
  • Evolution's Achilles' Heel?
  • Could Environmentalism Become a Global Religion?
  • To Defend Marriage, We Should Learn a Lesson from Apologetics
  • Addressing the Emotional Problem of Evil (Why Christians Hope)
  • We Get to Carry Each Other: Kierkegaard and U2 on Authentic Love

Features:Volume: 35
Issue: 4