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Historical Adam Package
Name: Historical Adam Package
Product Code: PK1031
Product Detail:The Historical Adam Package includes the following resources:

  • Who Was Adam?: A Creation Model Approach to the Origin of Man, by Fazale Rana, Hugh Ross, hardcover, 299 pages

  • Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?, by C. John Collins, softcover, 192 pages


Who Was Adam?: A Creation Model Approach to the Origin of Man. What is Man? Was Adam an accident of nature or a deliberate purposeful design? While observations seem to validate evolutionary theory, long before Darwin a man named David voiced a different view. And, both men cannot be right. Cutting-edge research presents new findings on: The hominid fossil record, Junk DNA, Neanderthals, and Human and chimp genetic similarity. Biochemist Fazale Rana and astronomer Hugh Ross discuss these discoveries and propose a new scientifically testable model for human origins. Can human evolution be declared a fact? Or does creation make more scientific sense?

Adam and Eve Really Exist?. Throughout history, most Christians have believed that Adam and Eve were actual persons, of whom we are all descendants. Some Christians today, however, readily dismiss the historical consensus, arguing that those same Christians also believed the earth was the center of the universe. Understandably, there are reasons to doubt the traditional view . . . and yet rarely are those doubts humbly subjected to serious scholarship. C. John Collins invites both doubts and scholarship to the table. Applying well-informed, critical thinking to questions raised by theologians and scientists alike, Collins examines the historicity and relevance of a real Adam and Eve, ultimately answering the questions: Did Adam and Eve really exist? And why should we care?

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