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Greatest Apologetic Issues Answered in Hank Hanegraaff’s Trilogy
Name: Greatest Apologetic Issues Answered in Hank Hanegraaff’s Trilogy
Product Code: PK1000
Product Detail:This package contains all three of Hank Hanegraaff's books written to address the three greatest apologetics issues.

Package consists of:

  • Has God Spoken hardcover book, 382 pages

  • Resurrection, softcover book, 282 pages

  • The FACE That Demonstrates the Farce of Evolution, softcover book, 238 pages

  • The issue of the Christian Research Journal containing Hank Hanegraaff's article on Has God Spoken?


    Has God Spoken? Proof of the Bible’s Divine Inspiration: Has God Spoken is the final book in a series — after origins and the resurrection — by Hanegraaff that covers the three major issues Christians must face in order to successfully defend the Christian worldview. Aiming to give a clear defense of the God-breathed inspiration of the Bible, Hanegraaff offers compelling, memorable proofs to show Scripture’s divine nature.

    Using the acronym MAPS, Hanegraaff masterfully reveals that “the Bible, like a Rock of Gibraltar embedded in a sea of manuscript copies, is yet and forever will be an immovable bulwark fueling our faith and shattering the waves of skepticism and doubt.”

    Resurrection: 2001 Gold Medallion winner for the best Theology/Doctrine book by the Evangelical Christian Publisher's Association. In this book, Hank Hanegraaff offers logical and passionate proof of Christianity's pivotal event -- Christ's Resurrection. He demonstrates that resurrection is even more certain than death and reveals that our entry after death into a new existence isn't a possibility; it's a certainty. He provides Biblical answers to such questions as: Will we really have tangible, physical bodies? What age will we be? Will there be pets and animals in the resurrection? And many more.

    The FACE That Demonstrates the Farce of Evolution: Evolution is much more than a theory about man's origins. It is a comprehensive world view that determines how you live your life. This book will help you: . This book will help you: (1) Discover the undeniable link between evolution and such social horrors as racism, sexism, and abortion. (2) Gain confidence in the validity of the creation model of human origins. (3)Learn how to effectively question and counter school teachers and professors who communicate that evolution is an established scientific fact.

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