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The Deity of Christ
Name: The Deity of Christ
Product Code: B1046
Product Detail: Format Hardcover
Number of Pages: 320
Author Christopher W. Morgan, Robert A. Peterson


The validity of the Christian faith hinges on the radical notion that Jesus was in fact God in the flesh. Within orthodox evangelicalism, this belief isnít really up for debate. Itís a distinct doctrine that separates biblical Christianity from revisionist Christianity.

The deity of Christ is challenged by the Gnostic gospels that inspire fads like the Da Vinci Code; the expansion of Islam (which now makes up 23 percent of the global population); the proliferation of cults; or perhaps the most commonly held belief here in the US, religious pluralism. Americans outside the church, and many within, are increasingly uncomfortable with the notion of an objective truth that may alienate or offend those with differing worldviews.

In The Deity of Christ, editors Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson address these real challenges. Contributors Stephen J. Nichols, Raymond C. Ortlund, Jr., Stephen J. Wellum, Andreas J. Kostenberger, Gerald Bray, Alan Gomes, and J. Nelson