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DOCTRINE/FEAT<br />(Package)
Product Code: PK983
Product Detail:This package contains the DOCTRINE and FEAT flipcharts by Hank Hanegraaff, designed to quickly equip you with 8 basic points of doctrine and 4 basic facts to back up the historicity of Jesus' resurrection. 

Memorable Keys to Essential Christian D-O-C-T-R-I-N-E: This flipchart from Hank Hanegraaff helps you to memorize essential Christian doctrine by presenting it in eight easy-to-memorize portions centered on the word D-O-C-T-R-I-N-E. The Memorable Keys to Essential Christian DOCTRINE flipchart is a great tool both for equipping yourself and for sharing essential Christian faith with others!

Memorable Keys to the Greatest F-E-A-T in History: Hank Hanegraaff gives you the keys to defending the historicity of Jesus' resurrection with this flipchart. Using his F-E-A-T-S acronym, Hank equips you with everything you need to talk to skeptics and believers about the resurrection.

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