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Best of the<br />Christian Research Journal<br />(3 Pack)
Name: Best of the
Christian Research Journal
(3 Pack)
Product Code: PK981
Product Detail:This package contains the following three books:

  • What Is Truth

  • Whose Ethics? Whose Morals?

  • Islam: What You Must Know

Regularly $36.97 if purchased separately!


-What Is Truth?
Truth is under siege by an alluring postmodern phantom. This enemy of truth abandons the former battle tactics of modernism by seducing the soul with the sweet poison of relativism, luring people into thinking everyone's story about ultimate reality is true, and vilifying anyone who dares to challenge the notion by declaring truth and error, right and wrong, light and darkness. Hank Hanegraaff has compiled this exclusive CRI resource to equip you to deliver a decisive blow against this foe that seks to destroy truth— and the people of the God of Truth.

-Whose Ethics? Whose Morals?
As in the days of the ancient Judges, the words, "everyone is doing what's right in their own eyes," sums up the spirit of our age. "Right and wrong," we're told, "is a matter of opinion—what's right for you may not be right for me, so don't impose your values on me!" If this trend of moral relativism prevails, we should expect nothing less than the fall of our civilization. But it's not yet too late. CRI president Hank Hanegraaff has compiled this exclusive resource to equip you to stand against this assault on truth in ethics.

-Islam: What You Must Know
"On one extreme, Muslims are portrayed as a maniacal monolith; on the other, as peace-loving pacifists. During the dark days immediately following 9/11, one thing was painfully obvious. More often than not, we were being informed by rhetoric and emotional stereotypes rather than reason and empirical studies"
—from the Introduction by Hank Hanegraaff

In Islam: What You Must Know, Hank Hanegraaff brings together the best articles from the Christian Research Journal on Islam—to equip you to think Christianly about Muslims in order to reach them for Christ.