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Beyond the Basics<Br />(Special Value Package)
Name: Beyond the Basics
(Special Value Package)
Product Code: PK964
Product Detail:A special package of the
  • New International Bible Commentary , hardcover, 1664 pages

  • Know the Truth, , softcover, 350 pages

  • Defending Your Faith, softcover, 208 pages

    Features: New International Bible Commentary In one volume, the Gold Medallion Award-winning New International Bible Commentary unlocks the message and meaning of every book of the Bible. This acclaimed book marshals the insights of forty-three world-class evangelical scholars to help you gain a deeper, life-changing understanding of the Scripture. Whether you're preparing a lesson or sermon, or simply studying for your personal edification, the New International Bible Commentary provides you with a study resource that combines convenience with depth and relevance. It includes the following features: - 28 articles -- 230 pages in all -- shed light on such important issues as text and canon; archaeology; environmental, historical, political, and religious backgrounds; and the New Testament use of the Old Testament.

    Know the Truth The truth of the Christian faith is what theology is all about. In this handbook of the Christian faith, Milne presents a solid outline and brief exposition of Christian theology. The key themes addressed include authority, the doctrine of God, human nature and sin, the person and work of Christ, the person and work of the Holy Spirit, the church, and the end times. This book is essential for new Christians, and would make a welcome addition to any serious student's library.

    Defending the Faith In post-Christian America it is mandatory for Christians to know what they believe as well as why they believe it. Apologetics (from Greek meaning “a reasoned defense”) is the defense of the faith “once for all entrusted to the saints” (Jude 3). Just as good attorneys defend their clients in courts of law by presenting solid evidence and sound reasoning, so too apologists defend the truth of Christianity through well-reasoned answers to the questions of skeptics and seekers alike.