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Truth Prevails:  The Undying Faith of Jan Hus
Name: Truth Prevails: The Undying Faith of Jan Hus
Product Code: DVD951
Product Detail:60 Minute run time 
Features:Almost 600 years ago, a humble peasant stood alone against pope, emperor, and king. Hus defied the earthly authorities to seek truth directly from t he Word of God and was killed for what he believed. This hour-long documentary follows the struggles of Hus and the efforts of modern scholars that ultimately led Pope John Paul II to apologize for the Church’s actions. Truth Prevails is more than just a look at an amazing life in a turbulent time. It is also a thought-provoking examination of many difficult issues facing anyone living in any time: When should we stand our ground and when should we back down? Which issues are worth dying for? How should we speak out against what we know is wrong? And ultimately, when should we ask for and offer forgiveness?