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The Case For Christ DVD Package
Name: The Case For Christ DVD Package
Product Code: PK910 Lee Strobel
Product Detail:This package includes:
  • The Case for Christ DVD running time 71 min

  • The Case for the Real Jesus book, softcover, 320 pages

    Features:The Case for Christ DVD When hard-nosed investigative journalist Lee Strobel set out on a journey to de-bunk the claims of Christ, he instead uncovered something far more... a life-changing, deep-rooted faith, chronicled in the Gold Medallion award-winning, best-selling book, The Case for Christ.And now, The Case for Christ: The Film,omes to life on DVD. The DVD features interviews with 10 leading biblical scholars from North America and England, cutting-edge apologetics and a beautiful original music score.

    This fascinating DVD is filled with a compelling mix of both historical and contemporary people, places, and findings surrounding the life and authenticity of Jesus of Nazareth.

    The Case for the Real Jesus Has modern scholarship debunked the traditional Christ? Has the church suppressed the truth about Jesus to advance its own agenda? What if the real Jesus is far different from the atoning Savior worshipped through the centuries?

    In The Case for the Real Jesus, former award-winning legal editor Lee Strobel explores such hot-button questions as:
    Did the church distort the truth about Jesus by tampering with early New Testament texts?
    Do new insights and explanations finally disprove the resurrection?
    Have fresh arguments disqualified Jesus from being the Messiah?
    Did Christianity steal its core ideas from earlier mythology? Evaluate the arguments and evidence being advanced by prominent atheists, liberal theologians, Muslim scholars, and others.

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