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For Faith And Clarity: Philosophical Contributions to Christian Theology
Name: For Faith And Clarity: Philosophical Contributions to Christian Theology
Product Code: B925
Product Detail:In the past, philosophy has served as the handmaiden to theology. Yet contemporary thinkers have overlooked the importance that the "love of wisdom" brings to the theological task. James Beilby restores the vision of philosophical theology in For Faith and Clarity. This innovative volume includes writings from Alvin Plantinga, Nicholas Wolterstorff, J. P. Moreland, William Lane Craig, and others. Its purpose is "to demonstrate some of the ways that philosophy can help clarify theological questions, debates, and issues and, thereby, to demonstrate the existence, viability, and fecundity of a distinctively Christian approach to philosophy." The first section of the book deals with methodological issues, including the foundation for building a Christian worldview and the relationship between philosophy and theology as well as the subdisciplines of ontology and epistemology. The rest of the text includes philosophical contributions to theology and focuses on the following themes: revela 
Features:264 pages

Author: James K. Beilby
Publisher: Baker Books
Paperback Book
Audience: General

Topic: Theology, Christian