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The Limitations of Scientific Truth
Name: The Limitations of Scientific Truth
Product Code: B928
Product Detail:A scientist examines the inherent limitations of scientific truth and shows us why biblical truth is the only authority that can be completely trusted. For many people, science can be a seductive alternative to biblical truth—but how trustworthy are the truth claims of science? Nigel Brush, a scientist and a Christian, shows how science is only one avenue for seeking truth and how the conclusions it derives are not greater than truths acquired by other means. In this penetrating analysis of scientific inquiry, Brush examines the boundaries of scientific truth and provides reassurance that we can hold to limited scientific truth—as long as it is coupled with the absolute truth found in God's Word. 
Features:304 pages

Author: Nigel Brush
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Paperback Book
Audience: General

Topic: Science and the Bible
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