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Baker Digital Reference Library Software
Name: Baker Digital Reference Library Software
Product Code: SW187
Product Detail:Advanced Level 3. This powerful CD-Rom software is really 22 books, totaling more than 9,000 pages and that would cost $400 if purchased individually. Includes a free copy of the King James Version and Apocrypha, optional Bible translations, are NIV, NASB, and NLT, available on this CD-ROM for unlocking. Includes a free copy of the Logos Library SystemŽ 2.1 search engine, an on-line, searchable overview guide and users guide, Elwell's Commentary on the Bible, Topical Analysis of the Bible, and Dictionary of Theology, 5 books on Jehovah's Witnesses, 3 volumes on Mormonism, 4 encyclopedias of biographies, Hymn and Scripture guides, Christian internet guides and resources, and more. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - Any Windows 3.1 or later, compatible system (minimum 486sx), 8Mb of RAM (16 Mb recommended, Hard disk with at least 20 Mb free, 2x or better CD-Rom drive.  
Features:Author: Publisher: Baker Books
Audience: General

Topic: Apologetics
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