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Small Talks on Big Questions, Volume 2
Name: Small Talks on Big Questions, Volume 2
Product Code: B672
Product Detail:Children can understand doctrine and apply it to their lives! In this second volume in a two-part series using a catechism for boys and girls (adapted from the Westminster Shorter Catechism), children will hear more stories from the Bible and church history showing the incredible impact that doctrine has on people's lives. This volume can be used to teach children the depth of God's will for them as expressed in the Ten Commandments, the rich intimacy with God that is modeled for us in the Lord's prayer, the power and beauty of Christ's work as symbolized in baptism and the Lord's Supper and the promises God has given of the return and eternal reign of Jesus. Tracing back through time, children will grieve over the sin of King David as he turns his back on his God for a season. They will see God convict the scholarly Jerome of putting his studies first, and then use Jerome as a great Bible translator after he repents of his idolatry. 
Features:185 Page

Author: Selah Helms, Susan Thompson
Hardcover Book
Audience: Children or Kids

Topic: Christian Doctrine
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