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The First Christmas
Name: The First Christmas
Product Code: B646 Paul Maier
Product Detail:Christmas with its varied celebrations and traditions, is perhaps our most joyous season of the year. The story of Jesus' birth reminds us all that God sent down His love at Christmas, in the form of a precious baby, adored by shepherds and Wise Men. But Christmas is much more than a "story" in the common sense of the word. It was first of all an event, something that took place at a point in time, with actual people living in specific places, with a history that can be known today. Christmas the celebration is familiar to most of us; but Christmas the event -- the true first Christmas -- is often less familiar. Best selling author and award winning historian Paul L. Maier takes us beyond the traditions to the real people, places, and events of the first Christmas, to the land of Palestine in the first century where secular history and up-to-date discoveries add a fresh dimension to the well-known accounts in Matthew's and Luke's gospels. 
Features:Beautifully illustrated throughout with over fifty full-color photographs, paintings, and illustrations, The First Christmas will enrich your family's celebration of Jesus' birth for years to come...
Author: Paul Maier
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Hardcover Book
Audience: General
Quantity On Hand:302