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Basic Christian Beliefs: UNAVAILABLE
Name: Basic Christian Beliefs: UNAVAILABLE
Product Code: B456
Product Detail:Creating lasting impressions for the next generation! This collection of 12 family nights springs from a national movement designed to bring fun and spiritual growth together on a regular basis. Now you can join this growing network of families who are intent on passing a spiritual heritage to their children. These ideas and activities have been tried and tested by families like yours. They are designed to make lasting impressions on children of all ages. This book contains complete, clear plans for helping kids learn more about basic Christian beliefs, including: What it means to be created in God's image, God's love and care for His children, Why Jesus was born as a human, What it means to repent of our sin and be born again, How the Holy Spirit helps us, and much more. If you want to build a spiritually strong family-these tools can help make your task easy and fun! Jim Weidmann founded the Family Night movement six years ago and now teaches and lead 
Features:96 pages

Author: Jim Weidmann, Mike Nappa
Publisher: Chariot Victor
Paperback Book
Audience: Parents

Topic: Discipleship