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Unriddling Our Times
Name: Unriddling Our Times
Product Code: B571
Product Detail:Events in Washington over the past year alone make it difficult for thinking Christians to deny that there is a crisis of truth in our nation. Character has become unimportant. Personality has taken its place. How can the people of God resist being sweptunder by the mounting waves of relativism? "Unriddling Our Times: Reflections on the Gathering Cultural Crisis", edited by Os Guinness, reaches to the heart of the problem by presenting short selections that illustrate the need to listen to the voices ofprophets who warn of our impending moral drowning. Anyone concerned about the erosion of truth in our culture will find insight and courage from these prophetic voices from the past. 
Features:Author: Os Guinness
Paperback Book
Audience: General

Topic: Christian Living
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