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Who Is My Mother?--OUT OF PRINT
Name: Who Is My Mother?--OUT OF PRINT
Product Code: B637
Product Detail:For most of the Protestant world, Mary, the mother of Jesus, remains an enigma. Who is this woman of whom the Scriptures tells us very little? Is she the model of the ideal disciple of Christ, or simply a vessel from which the Savior took His humanity? For the Catholic, there is no equivocation: she is the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven -- the Divine Mediatrix. What is the correct view, and how are we to approach this most intriguing New Testament figure? In this exhaustively thorough book, scholar Eric D. Svendsen combs the depths of the question. His findings will enlighten, surprise -- or even anger you! One thing is for sure, you will never be able to read the interaction between Jesus and Mary again without, in some way, drawing from the studies in this book. Pastors, teachers and students of the Word alike will find it required reading.  
Features:334 Page

Author: Eric Svendsen
Paperback Book
Audience: General

Topic: Roman Catholicism
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