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Dangerous Airwaves
Name: Dangerous Airwaves
Product Code: B692
Product Detail:Harold Camping is best known as the "voice" of Family Radio, a worldwide gospel ministry. His "Open Forum" program is heard by literally millions of people around the globe. Many trusting Christians have come to take this man's biblical interpretations as virtually the very Word of God itself! Back in the early 1990s, Mr. Camping wrote a book entitled 1994, in which he predicted the return of Christ, possibly in that year. Many were deceived and, at the behest of Mr. Camping and his insistence that anyone teaching otherwise was outside the truth, left their churches, sold their earthly goods--and waited for the end. Now Harold Camping is seeing things in Scripture that "no one has ever seen before." Namely, that God is pouring out His wrath on the churches and that, indeed, God has eliminated the church as an institution for the teaching of the saints and the evangelization of the lost! Moreover, Mr. Camping is admonishing his followers to "Flee the churches!" in order to be in the wil 
Features:144 page

Author: James R. White
Paperback Book
Audience: General

Topic: Camping, Harold
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