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International Bible Commentary
Name: International Bible Commentary
Product Code: B145
Product Detail:In one volume, the Gold Medallion Award-winning New International Bible Commentary unlocks the message and meaning of every book of the Bible. This acclaimed book marshals the insights of forty-three world-class evangelical scholars to help you gain a deeper, life-changing understanding of the Scripture. Whether you're preparing a lesson or sermon, or simply studying for your personal edification, the New International Bible Commentary provides you with a study resource that combines convenience with depth and relevance. It includes the following features: - 28 articles -- 230 pages in all -- shed light on such important issues as text and canon; archaeology; environmental, historical, political, and religious backgrounds; and the New Testament use of the Old Testament. 
Features:Author: F. F. Bruce
Publisher: Zondervan
Hardcover Book
Audience: General

Topic: Commentaries, Biblical