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The Privileged Planet Book--OUT OF PRINT
Name: The Privileged Planet Book--OUT OF PRINT
Product Code: B826
Product Detail:464 pages

Author: Jay W. Richards, Guillermo Gonzalez
Publisher: Regnery Publishing, Inc.
Hardcover Book
Audience: General

Topic: Intelligent Design (ID)

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Features:Is Earth merely an insignificant speck in a vast and meaningless universe? On the contrary: The Privileged Planet shows that this cherished assumption of materialism is dead wrong. In this provocative book, Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay W. Richards present a staggering array of evidence that exposes the hollowness of this modern dogma. They demonstrate that our planet is exquisitely fit not only to support life, but also to give us the best view of the universe, as if Earth were designed both for life and for scientific discovery. Readers are taken on a scientific odyssey from a history of tectonic plates, to the wonders of water and solar eclipses, to our location in the Milky Way, to the laws that govern the universe, and to the beginning of cosmic time.

You will discover:
  • How Earth is precisely positioned in the Milky Way-not only for life, but also to allow us to find answers to the greatest mysteries of the universe
  • Striking ways in which water doesn’t behave like most other liquids—and how each of its quirks makes it perfectly fit for the existence of creatures like us
  • The harmony of Earth and the Moon: how they work together to sustain Earthly life as one intricate system-and how that system produces the best solar eclipses just where there are observers to see them
  • How Earth's atmosphere helps protect us from harmful radiation, yet has a tiny window open to the radiation crucial for life and scientific knowledge
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