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Knowing The Truth Tool Kit
Name: Knowing The Truth Tool Kit
Product Code: PK102
Product Detail:Knowing the truth of Christianity and why you believe is absolutely essential in being firm in your faith as well as necessary for communicating the gospel effectively. This tool kit with classics about knowing what you believe and why should be in everyChristian's library! Includes

  • Know the Truth by Bruce Milne, softcover, 384 pages

  • Knowing Scripture by R.C. Sproul, softcover 152 pages

  • Know Why You Believe by Paul Little, softcover, 180 pages

  • T.V.'s 'The West Wing' vs. The Bible by Hank Hanegraaff, booklet form, 16 pages

    Features:Know the Truth by Bruce Milne The truth of the Christian faith is what theology is all about. In this handbook of the Christian faith, Milne presents a solid outline and brief exposition of Christian theology. The key themes addressed include authority, the doctrine of God, human nature and sin, the person and work of Christ, the person and work of the Holy Spirit, the church, and the end times. This book is essential for new Christians, and would make a welcome addition to any serious student's library.

    Knowing Scripture by R.C. Sproul Helpful to both the beginning and advanced student, Knowing Scripture has become a classic text on how to interpret the Bible. In simple, terms, R.C. presents the science of interpretation and gives practical guidelines for regular application. In a timewhen sound principles of interpretation have given way to subjective experiences, these persuasive discussions on the importance of sound Bible study and how interpretation relates to personal study are extremely beneficial

    Know Why You Believe by Paul Little This best-selling classic is extremely helpful for those who wish to examine the claims of the Christian faith. Key questions addressed in this book include the following: How do I know there's a God? Why is there pain and evil? Did Christ really rise from the dead? Do science and Scripture conflict? Know Why You Believe provides answers that will encourage Christians to stand firm in the faith.

    T.V.'s 'The West Wing' vs. The Bible by Hank Hanegraaff The hit TV show The West Wing featured an episode in which the president of the United States humiliates a religious talk show host by demonstrating how the Bible's prohibition of homosexuality is outdated. Now, in this booklet, Hank Hanegraaff answers "President Bartlett" in a way that will inform and equip you to avoid being confused by the popular misconceptions launched against the Bible's viewpoint.