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Hank on DVD Tool Kit
Name: Hank on DVD Tool Kit
Product Code: PK889Hank Hanegraaff
Product Detail:Learn from Hank as you watch him answer a wide range of Bible questions, teach on the fallacy of evolution and discuss the intimacy one can achieve with God through prayer. This tool kit contains three DVDs, including the Telly Award-winning The Prayer Of Jesus DVD, The Bible Answer Video and The FACE That Demonstrates The Farce Of Evolution. Buy all three and receive a special price!

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The Prayer of Jesus DVD features a discussion between Hank Hanegraaff and Lee Strobel on Prayer.

The Bible Answer Video explains the answers to some of the most difficult issues believers face today. It will affirm your faith and stimulate your intellect. This all-new, 45-minute video was recorded live and is packed full of answers to critical questions, including subjects such as embryonic stem-cell research, evolution, the existence of God, evidence for the resurrection, and much more.

In The F.A.C.E. That Demonstrates The Farce Of Evolution DVD, evolution is shown to be much more than a theory about man's origins. It is a comprehensive world view that determines how you live your life. Hank looks into the face of our supposed ancestor and exposes the astonishingly weak arguments that support evolutionary theory. This book will help you: (1) Discover the undeniable link between evolution and such social horrors as racism, sexism, and abortion. (2) Gain confidence in the validity of the creation model of human origins. (3) Learn how to effectively question and counter school teachers and professors who communicate that evolution is an established scientific fact.

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