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Building A Contagious Church
Name: Building A Contagious Church
Product Code: B608
Product Detail:Most church leaders would agree there's nothing more important than evangelism after all, eternities hang in the balance! Yet eighty-six percent of pastors admit that their church falls far short when it comes to actually doing something about it. Perhaps your church is like that, but you're unsure of what to do. That's about to change. If you long to infect your church with Great Commission fever, then challenge every member of your leadership team to read this book! Building a Contagious Church will help you customize an evangelistic strategy that really works not just for a while, but for the long haul. Developed by one of today's foremost leaders, educators, and practitioners of evangelism the principal author of the highly effective Becoming a Contagious Christian curriculum this book?s revolutionary insights have proved themselves time and again in all kinds of settings. So dare to get excited! 
Features:Author: Mark Mittelberg
Hardcover Book
Audience: General

Topic: Church Growth Movement
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