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When God is Hiding
Name: When God is Hiding
Product Code: V713
Product Detail:One of the most beloved authors of our day, Philip Yancey has never shied away from the toughest subjects. True-to-form in this revealing discussion, Yancey, beginning with the tragedy of 9/11 and the World Trade Towers, explores why tragic events happen in our lives and in our world. Yancey further discloses how many of his books came about because he questioned his doubts as much as he questioned his faith. Having grown up in a legalistic church, Yancey began to explore the church’s approach to faith. Viewers will find his concept of separating faith from church fascinating, probably insightful, and possibly disturbing. Yancey’s struggle in this arena led him to write, "How My Faith Survived the Church." Yancey shows why he enjoys speaking at colleges where he challenges skeptics to find any argument against God that is not answered in the Bible. So whether you are a long-time reader or just discovering Philip Yancey, here is a feast of provocative and evocative thought from o 
Features:26 min

Author: Philip Yancey
Audience: General

Topic: God
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