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801 Questions Kids Ask About God
Name: 801 Questions Kids Ask About God
Product Code: B664
Product Detail:Parents know that kids ask amazing and often difficult questions about God, faith, heaven, and the Bible. Using the thoughtful answers in 801 Questions Kids Ask about God, parents will not be left at a loss for words. This resource from the Heritage Builders, is a compilation of the best-selling "101 Questions Kids Ask" series and includes answers to 801 questions real children have asked about God, the Bible, prayer, heaven and angels, right and wrong, money, friends and school, and our world. With each question, you'll also find key verses and notes, plus an index of questions to guide parents in developing their answers. Includes playful illustrations children will enjoy.
  • "Are the streets in heaven real gold or just painted with gold?"
  • "Do we still have to thank God if we don't like the food?"
  • "How does God get the money that I give to him?"  
  • Features:429 pages

    Author: Anisa Baker
    Paperback Book
    Audience: Parents

    Topics: Teaching Tools Teens and Youth