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The Christian Media Library
Name: The Christian Media Library
Product Code: SW421
Product Detail:The Christian Media Library (CML) is a unique CD-ROM library for individual Bible study or group presentations, including hundreds of media-rich learning resources. Why settle for text on a screen when your teaching or study can benefit from award-winning learning resources delivered in an interactive, multimedia format? The searchable library brings the ideal picture, map, practice exercise, photo, or other learning resource to you, your children, or students without the development time and cost. The CML resources are organized and presented in four volumes on CD-ROM: Old Testament Volume 1 - Creation to King Solomon Old Testament Volume 2 - King Solomon to Malachi New Testament Volume 1 - The Gospels New Testament Volume 2 - Acts, The Epistles, and Revelation  
Features:Set of 4

Author: *Unknown Author
Publisher: Skymedia
Audience: General

Topics: Bible Study Tools
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