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T.V.'s "The West Wing" vs. The Bible
Name: T.V.'s "The West Wing" vs. The Bible
Product Code: P400 Hank Hanegraaff
Product Detail:The hit TV show The West Wing featured an episode in which the president of the United States humiliates a religious talk show host by demonstrating how the Bible's prohibition of homosexuality is outdated. Now, in this booklet, Hank Hanegraaff answers "President Bartlett" in a way that will inform and equip you to avoid being confused by the popular misconceptions launched against the Bible's viewpoint. You won't want to miss this. And in today's culture, you can't afford to be caught off guard. 
Features:Author: Hank Hanegraaff
Publisher: Christian Research Institute
Audience: General

Topics: Homosexuality Arguments against
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