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Holy Scripture; The Ground and Pillar of Our Faith, Volume III
Name: Holy Scripture; The Ground and Pillar of Our Faith, Volume III
Product Code: B735
Product Detail:The principle of sola Scriptura—the teaching that Scripture is materially and formally sufficient and the ultimate authority for the Church—was the formal principle of the Reformation. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that the principle is illegitimate because, she claims, it is unhistorical. By this she means that sola Scriptura is a theological novelty in that it supposedly has no support in the teaching of the early Church. Roman apologists charge that the teaching on Scripture promoted by the Reformers introduced a false dichotomy between the Church and Scripture which elevated Scripture to a place of authority unheard of in the early Church. The Church of Rome insists that the early Church fathers, while fully endorsing the full inspiration of the Old and New Testaments, did not believe in sola Scriptura. 
Features:312 pages

Author: William Webster, David T. King
Paperback Book
Audience: General

Topic: Theology, Christian
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