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Jesus Divine Messiah
Name: Jesus Divine Messiah
Product Code: B912
Product Detail:What does the Bible REALLY say about Jesus?

'Takes great care to analyse various critical views of recent vintage and to show how they fail to give us a consistent picture of Christ. Probably not since H.P. Liddon's The Divinity of our Lord (1867) has such a massive defence of the deity of Jesus appeared in print. Dr. Reymond worthily functions in the train of Vos, Warfield, and Machen.'
-Roger Nicole

'The range of his scholarship is extensive, and there is no exegetical or theological nettle that he hesitates to grasp here. He never fudges an issue... His opening chapter, in which he deals with present denials of the deity of Jesus, is of special value, and I would make it required reading for every theological student.'
-Dr. Geoffrey Grogan

Features:560 pages

Author: Robert L. Reymond
Publisher: Christian Focus
Hardcover Book
Audience: General

Topic: Jesus Christ
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