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Naming the Elephant: Worldview As a Concept
Name: Naming the Elephant: Worldview As a Concept
Product Code: B804
Product Detail:What is a worldview? What lies behind your thoughts about almost everything? For more than thirty years, James W. Sire has grappled with this issue. In this book he offers readers his most mature thought on the concept of a worldview, addressing such questions as:
  • What is the history of the concept itself?
  • What is the first question you should ask in formulating a worldview?
  • How are worldviews formed existentially as well as intellectually?
  • Is a worldview primarily an intellectual system, a way of life or a story?
  • What are the public and private dimensions of a worldview?
  • What role can worldview thinking play in assessing your own worldview and those of others, especially in light of the pluralism in today's world? 
  • Features:172 pages

    Author: James W. Sire
    Publisher: Intervarsity Press
    Paperback Book
    Audience: General
    Quantity On Hand:10