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God of the Fairy Tale: Finding Truth in the Land of Make-Believe
Name: God of the Fairy Tale: Finding Truth in the Land of Make-Believe
Product Code: B731
Product Detail:What Treasures Are Hidden in the Enchanted Woods? More than just bedtime traditions, more than simple children’s literature, the most enduring stories are echoes of the greatest of all stories, the Gospel. God of the Fairy Tale is a collection of spiritual reflections on the truths found in classic fairy tales, truths that point us to the ultimate Truth about God, redemption, and ourselves. Delving into twenty classic folk and fairy tales, God of the Fairy Tale leads us into the mystical landscape of elves, goblins, and talking animals to reveal the jewels of truth that hide inside these most simple of stories. Through the fables of Snow White, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, and many others, we discover a perspective not unlike that of the Bible–a world of people trying to be something more, questing to do good in a realm fraught with evil, where a turn of the tables leaves the strong defeated and the weak victorious. 
Features:192 pages

Author: Jim Ware
Hardcover Book
Audience: Children or Kids

Topic: Entertainment, Discernment in
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