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Why I Am a Christian
Name: Why I Am a Christian
Product Code: B805
Product Detail:Why Jesus? Perhaps you have had the funny feeling that God wants to get your attention. Or maybe you're intrigued with what you've heard about Jesus. Or maybe you're simply looking for meaning and direction in your life. John Stott has spent a lifetime wrestling with questions about Jesus both personally and in dialogue with skeptics and seekers around the globe. Now in Why I Am a Christian he provides a compelling, persuasive case for considering the Christian faith. If you take an honest look at Jesus, you will discover that following Him gives you the purpose, identity, and freedom you've been searching for--and far more than you have ever imagined. 
Features:128 pages

Author: John Stott
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Hardcover Book
Audience: General

Topic: Apologetics
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