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Big Truths for Little Kids
Name: Big Truths for Little Kids
Product Code: B570
Product Detail:Your children are a blessing from God. A gift that brings an abundance of joy and the privilege of teaching them God's ways. When they're young their potential to learn is amazing. And because actions and beliefs go hand in hand, the lessons they learn from you now will shape their lives forever. This wonderful hard bound book, with its easy-to-use story format, can help you teach the basic truths of the Christian faith to your children. They'll learn the essentials of the faith, drawn from the historic truth of the catechism but presented in an up-to-date format. Your children will learn right along with Caleb and Cassie that God's ways are best -- and that even as kids, they can live for His glory every day.  
Features:Author: Susan Hunt, Richie Hunt
Hardcover Book
Audience: Children or Kids

Topics: Teaching Tools Teens and Youth
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