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Illustra Media Intelligent Design Package
Name: Illustra Media Intelligent Design Package
Product Code: PK1040
Product Detail:The Illustra Intelligent Design Package includes the following DVDs from Illustra Media:

  • Icons of Evolution, Run Time: 75 minutes

  • Unlocking The Mystery Of Life, Run Time: 65 minutes

  • The Privileged Planet: The Search for Purpose in the Universe, Run Time: 60 minutes

  • Metamorphosis, Run Time: 64 minutes


Icons of Evolution. Explore the fascinating new conflict over evolution in the classroom-a conflict based on science, not religion. Learn about the controversy that engulfs one town when a teacher actually tries to tell students that some scientists disagree with Darwin. From the Galapagos Islands to China, Icons of Evolution will take you on a fast-paced, fascinating journey into one of the most controversial issues in today's public arena.

Unlocking The Mystery Of Life. Unlocking the Mystery of Life is the story of contemporary scientists who are advancing a powerful, but controversial, idea—the theory of “intelligent design.” It is a theory based upon compelling biochemical evidence. Through state-of-the-art computer animation, em>Unlocking the Mystery of Life transports you into the interior of the living cell to explore systems and machines that bear the unmistakable hallmarks of design.

The Privileged Planet: The Search for Purpose in the Universe. The conditions that allow for intelligent life on Earth also make it strangely well suited for viewing and analyzing the universe. But is this correlation between the existence of complex life and our ability to make scientific discoveries simply a coincidence or the result of blind chance? Or does it point to a deeper explanation?

Metamorphosis. Throughout history, butterflies have fascinated artists and philosophers, scientists and schoolchildren with their profound mystery and beauty. In Metamorphosis you will explore their remarkable world as few ever have before. Spectacular photography, computer animation and magnetic resonance imaging open once hidden doors to every stage of a butterfly's life-cycle. From an egg the size of a pinhead to a magnificent flying insect. It is a transformation so incredible biologists have called it "butterfly magic."