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Deity of Christ Package
Name: Deity of Christ Package
Product Code: PK1025
Product Detail:The Deity of Christ Package includes the following resources:

  • Jesus Divine Messiah, by Robert L. Reymond, hardcover, 560 pages

  • The Deity of Christ, by Christopher W. Morgan, Robert A. Peterson, hardcover, 320 pages

  • The Supremacy of Christ, by Ajith Fernando, softcover, 288 pages

  • The Search For Jesus Hoax, Christian Research Journal Magazine, Single Back Issue


Jesus Divine Messiah. What does the Bible REALLY say about Jesus? A comprehensive source for all the evidence in the Bible concerning the divinity of Jesus by a scholar of international reputation. An updated and combined volume of Robert Reymond's two previous books on the subject.

The Deity of Christ. The deity of Christ is challenged by the Gnostic gospels that inspire fads like the Da Vinci Code; the expansion of Islam (which now makes up 23 percent of the global population); the proliferation of cults; or perhaps the most commonly held belief here in the US, religious pluralism. Americans outside the church, and many within, are increasingly uncomfortable with the notion of an objective truth that may alienate or offend those with differing worldviews.

In The Deity of Christ, editors Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson address these real challenges. Contributors Stephen J. Nichols, Raymond C. Ortlund, Jr., Stephen J. Wellum, Andreas J. Kostenberger, Gerald Bray, Alan Gomes, and J. Nelson Jennings.

The Supremacy of Christ. After more than two decades of listening to questions about Jesus’ claims and objections to Christian doctrine, author Ajith Fernando responds to the arguments with Jesus’ own words and miracles and the biblical accounts about Him. But rather than just offering proof texts, he stands Christ—and Christianity—face to face with those competing ideologies and shows the truth. In doing so, he forges an apologetic that proves the legitimacy of our faith and validates the absolutism of Christianity.

Written by a gifted author with worldwide experience, this book gives you solid answers to effectively discuss the person and work of Jesus Christ to Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and New Agers.

The Search For Jesus Hoax. Single Back Issue of the Christian Research Journal Magazine.

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