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Jesus Package: Next Steps
Name: Jesus Package: Next Steps
Product Code: PK1023
Product Detail:Jesus Package: Next Steps includes the following resources:

  • On Jesus, by Douglas Groothuis, softcover, 98 pages

  • Is Jesus the Only Savior? by Ronald H. Nash, softcover, 192 pages

  • Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? by William Lane Craig, John Dominic Crossan, softcover, 192 pages

  • The Historical Jesus, by Gary R. Habermas, softcover, 288 pages

  • The Search For Jesus Hoax, Christian Research Journal Magazine, Single Back Issue


On Jesus. During the presidential primaries of 1999, candidate George W. Bush was asked to name his favorite philosopher. Bush startled many observers by replying, "Christ, because He changed my heart." Jesus Christ was a brilliant thinker, who used logical arguments to refute His critics and establish the truth of His views. Jesus' use of persuasive arguments demonstrates that He was both a philosopher and an apologist who rationally defended His worldview in discussions with some of the best thinkers of His day.

Is Jesus the Only Savior? In a world where we are likely to have neighbors of differing faiths, to profess Jesus as the only Savior may be viewed as arrogance and intolerance. Religious "pluralism" is gaining popularity. Ronald Nash believes that one's position on the issue is crucial to an understanding of the Christian faith and sees pluralism as a significant threat to Christianity.

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? Based on a recent debate held at Moody Church in Chicago between John Dominic Crossan, former co-chair of the Jesus Seminar, and evangelical William Lane Craig, "Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?" is the first book to present, in one volume, a dialogue between evangelicals and members of the Jesus Seminar on the resurrection of Christ.

The Historical Jesus . The Historical Jesus is a valuable addition to any Christian's library. The principles, arguments, and evidences contained in this book provide well-researched answers about the true Jesus of history.

The Search For Jesus Hoax. Single Back Issue of the Christian Research Journal Magazine.

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