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Last Disciple (Hardcover)<br />Last Sacrifice (Softcover) Free
Name: Last Disciple (Hardcover)
Last Sacrifice (Softcover) Free
Product Code: PK1014
Product Detail:This package contains
1 Hardcover copy of The Last Disciple
1 Softcover copy of The Last Sacrifice FREE
A $33.99 value for $9.99!!

Features: The Last Disciple What if the Antichrist has already been revealed? The first book in a gripping new series by best-selling authors Sigmund Brouwer and Hank Hanegraaff explores the lives of Christians who struggle to survive and spread the Gospel during the climactic turbulence of “the last days.” With the enemy seeking to decipher the code of John's letter, Revelation, and destroy the church, believers must cling to the hope Revelation provides as they face the greatest of all persecutions. A spellbinding story of faith and fulfillment of prophecy. Discover the "code" of Revelation as you begin to see it through the eyes of the persecuted believers to whom it was written.

The Last Sacrifice Helius, Nero's most trusted advisor, anticipates the death of his sworn enemy, the legendary warrior Gallus Sergius Vitas, scheduled to die a gruesome death in the arena. However, the badly beaten man who appears in the amphitheater is not who he seems.  

Price:A $33.99 value for $9.99!!