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Has God Spoken by<br />Hank Hanegraaff
Name: Has God Spoken by
Hank Hanegraaff
Product Code: B1045
Product Detail: Format Hardcover
Number of Pages:382
Author Hank Hanegraaff

Through media, manuscripts and movies—and now most notably through the Internet—political pundits, professors and public personalities are raising doubts in the minds of millions regarding the notion that God has spoken and the Bible is a reliable repository of what he has said.

Has God Spoken? Proof of the Bible’s Divine Inspiration is the final book in a series — after origins and the resurrection — by Hanegraaff that covers the three major issues Christians must face in order to successfully defend the Christian worldview. Aiming to give a clear defense of the God-breathed inspiration of the Bible, Hanegraaff offers compelling, memorable proofs to show Scripture’s divine nature.

Using the acronym MAPS, Hanegraaff masterfully reveals that “the Bible, like a Rock of Gibraltar embedded in a sea of manuscript copies, is yet and forever will be an immovable bulwark fueling our faith and shattering the waves of skepticism and doubt.”

Has God Spoken? is the culmination of my life goal to provide seekers, skeptics and saints alike with a memorable means by which to internalize answers to the three great apologetic issues of this or any other generation,” Hanegraaff says. “These answers are ultimately foundational to life and living and to living after life.”

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